IMC B1B1 Export Feature Layout Style

  • You can export the registered feature layout style (FLS).
  • It is also possible to export multiple FLSs at the same time. The exported FLS can be saved as a specified file name (Default file name is layout.dat) in the specified directory.
  • Files of exported FLS can be imported from another user or IMC started by another PC.


  1. Select "Settings" -> "Feature Layout Style Setting ..." from the menu.
  2. The "Feature Layout Style Setting" dialog will be displayed.
  3. You can also start this dialog from Toolbox.
  4. Check FLS to be exported (multiple designation possible).
  5. Click "Save the Layout Style as ...".
  6. (Expect the button name change to Export the Styles as ...)
  7. The file selection dialog is displayed.
  8. Specify the directory and file name where you want to save the export file and click "Save".
  9. The export file is saved.
  10. This file can be imported by another user.