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How to Use Forum in silico

User registration

  • You can register as a new user when purchasing products with eShop in silico
  • At that time register user ID and password.
  • Those who have been registered as "Forum in silico" on the old site are also automatically registered in this new site

How to post

  1. For posting to Forum In Silico, user login is required.
  2. Log in to "Forum". You can log in from the homepage and forum top page.
  3. Select the desired "category" from the index. For example, if it is a question to the IMC, choose the category of "Question (IMC)".
  4. Click "+ New topic".
  5. Enter a subject and a message (Forum titles will be edited by forum administrator later).
  6. Click the "Submit" button.
  7. Sent topics can be edited at a later time. It can not be deleted.
  8. If you want to delete a topic once it is sent, please email us.
  9. When attaching an image file, please change the file name to half-size alphanumeric characters and keep the file size within 1 Mbyte.

Delegate contribution of past questions and requests

  • Those that seems to be important in the questions and requests received in the past by e-mail or telephone will be posted on behalf of the forum administrator by user delegate after editing so that individuals and individual information can not be specified.

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