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IMC 119 Initial Settings of Files and Directories

IMC supports multi-user

  • When first booting the IMC with that user name, two areas are reserved exclusively for the user. Since multiple users registered on one computer (Windows or Mac) on which the IMC is installed use the following independent areas respectively, as long as the IMC is used within this area range, mutual operation Do not interfere with each other.
    • User-specific document (document) storage area
    • User exclusive option setting · Work area -
    • Configuration of user-specific document (document) area
  • For Windows, a directory named imc_xx is created under My Documents. For Mac, a folder named imc_xx is created under the user's document folder.
    • Depending on the edition installed, XX displays ee, se, ge, ae, ds.
  • A sample file for IMC operation learning is generated under this directory. Sample contents are updated from time to time.
    • It is recommended to save files output by the user during IMC operation below this area. It can also be saved in another area.

User exclusive option setting · Work area

  • For Windows xp, a directory called imc is created under the Documents and Settings directory. For Mac, a folder named imc is created under the user folder.
  • When editing the contents of this area or deleting it, the link of the operation result may be broken.
  • Two directory folders of data and work are created under this directory / folder.
  • An IMC option setting file etc. is created under the data folder. After that, the user saves the change in the setting file in this area. In addition, a folder named db is generated under the data folder, and if the user registers its own database, it is saved here.

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