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IMC 191 Terminate IMC using Exit Menu

This is the termination method that you normally use.


  1. Click the file menu in the upper left with the mouse to display the sub menu.
  2. A pull-down menu will be displayed.
  4. Click the "Exit" submenu.
  5. The IMC will be terminated.
  6. If you exit the IMC while keeping the sequence file working, the state at the end will be reproduced the next time it is started up.
  7. This is displayed when you select "Restore" at startup.
  8. If there are sequence files modified at the end, a dialog will be displayed asking if you want to save each file.
  9. To save, click "Yes (Y)".
  10. The save file selection dialog is displayed.
  11. Specify the directory and file name to save.
  12. If it is set to auto save, the dialog as to whether to save is not displayed and it is automatically saved.
  13. If you check Screen Qualifier (s) and save it, Qualifier set for Screening will be removed and file will be output.
  14. For details, refer to the Screening function.

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