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IMC C07A Parameter Setting on Feature Numbering Dialog


 Perform execution parameter setting of the feature serial number addition dialog.


The left is an execution parameter setting dialog to add serial numbers to features. You can set the serial number using this dialog.

Select a feature key to be numbered from the list and specify it. CDS and gene are often targeted.In the input field on the right side, if the feature key is not registered in the IMC, enter the name of the feature key.

Next, specify the Qualifier that will contain the serial number value. This is a pull-down menu from which you select a Qualifier. In the case of sequential numbers added to the CDS feature, it seems to be added to locus_tag in many cases.If the Qualifier is not registered in the IMC, enter the name of the Qualifier in the input field on the right.

In Prefix, enter a fixed character string to be attached to the beginning of the serial number. Abbreviations of scientific names are often used.

Next, each of File and Feature has three input items: Number of digits, Start No, Increase.

For Number of digits, enter the number of digits in the serial number as a positive integer value.

In the Start No., enter the first number of the serial number to be added. The front zero is unnecessary.

For Increment, enter the number increment. Usually it is often set to 10. This is why it's easier to deal with when new features are added between features.

Example of Feature Numbering
(File 1)
(File 2)

 The reason why we have File and Feature here is to add sequential numbers to features divided into multiple files.

This sequence number addition function can automatically add a sequence number for each file and feature for features in multiple array files.

One file is appended when the file changes, as for the sequential number for File.

The sequential number for Feature is incremented to the next number without being cleared even if the file changes.

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