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IMC E02 Feature Numbering from Keyword Search Result

Keyword From the search result list screen, you can add a serial number to the Qualifier specified for the selected feature.

You can further select from hit features on the keyword search result screen and add sequential numbers from the upstream of the genome sequence to those features.

keyword On the search result screen, select the feature key to which you want to add a number from the keyword list on the left.

You can select more than one feature key at the same time.

A feature list with multiple features on the right is displayed.

From here, you manually select the feature to which you want to add a sequential number.

Alternatively, use the buttons such as Select All, Reverse Selected, etc. to select by hand.

When you can select it, click Sequential Nuber Setting ... at the bottom.

The Sequential Number Setting dialog is displayed.

Select the Qualifier that will serialize. If that Qualifier is not registered, enter the Qualifier name directly in the input field on the right.

For Prefix, enter the character string to be added at the beginning of the sequential number.

For Number of digits, enter the number of digits in the numeric part of the serial number as a positive integer value.

For Start No, enter the first number in the sequence number. The front zero is unnecessary.

For Increase, enter the increment of the serial number with a positive integer value.

As soon as you click Run, a sequential number is added.

Keyword search can perform searches on multiple sequence files at one time,

From that search result screen, you can only append serial numbers to features belonging to one sequence file at a time.

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