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  • IMC is a sequence analysis software based on a new concept in the genome era.
  • IMC has realized operation along the molecular dogma of the central dogma.
  • IMC is a new era software based on the top down approach of "first with genomic base sequence" that first determines the entire genome base sequence and then performs gene level experiments and analysis.
  • We provide a customization function matching the purpose of use.
  • You can design feature maps that display the arrangement of genes on the genome, etc., and design complicated feature maps freely by combining lane parts.
  • Composition profiles and expression profiles can be displayed lane in parallel.
  • You can flexibly change colors, shapes, labels, display control, placement method etc of genes etc on feature map.
  • You can customize circular genome map and circular plasmid map variously.
  • Extensive search function and operation / analysis from search results are convenient.
  • IMC is easy to perform bulk update etc. from the feature search results.
  • The database for homology search is automatically generated. As a result, searching between read sequences is very easy.
  • Multiple sequences can be searched at the same time.
  • IMC can be used for assisting and simulating molecular biology experiments.
  • We provide cloning function which can actually cut and ligate. ○ Restriction enzyme cleavage ~ Ligation ~ Gel electrophoresis etc. are executed continuously.
  • Gene and genome sequence analysis functions are available.
  • There are plenty of useful functions for performing genome analysis while annotating.
  • Codon analysis is possible in every unit.
  • There are abundant convenient functions for genetic cluster / genome design.
  • PCR primer design function at genome level
  • Homologous recombination function, gene cluster design function
  • IMC can be fully used not only for research purposes but also as software for education and learning of molecular biology.
  • In silico cloning experiment is possible.
  • IMC helps to understand invisible molecular biology experiments.
  • Comparative analysis of various related genomes (IMC genomics version or higher)
  • Multiple juxtaposition feature map can dynamically align and display a large number of genomes.
  • Global region · Local genomic rearrangement map can be drawn.
  • Venn diagram and core genome analysis are equipped.
  • Metagenomic analysis is also possible.
  • Genome analysis and annotation processing are linked.
  • You can genome annotate with your PC or Mac.
  • Array analysis using high density tiling array is possible.
  • It corresponds to Affymetrix, Agilent, Nimblegen.
  • You can view the state of gene expression graphically.
  • Features such as peak detection are equipped.
  • You can freely set and operate arithmetic operations between arrays.
  • Because it is original development, we are reflecting requests of researchers quickly, realizing improvement and function addition.
  • Software updates are frequently done.
  • IMC works on Windows and Mac that researchers and students use on a daily basis.
  • Windows and Mac versions of updates will be released at the same time.
  • There are two types of licenses, floating license and device fixed license.
  • Since it can be installed on multiple PCs and Macs with one license, you can install it on a university PC, home Mac, and business trip PC with one license (floating license) for example.
  • Fixed device license can be used with multiple PCs and Macs by switching activation / deactivation of one license.
  • However, only one unit can be used simultaneously.
  • Four editions are available from the entry edition to the design suite according to purpose of use.
  • Standard Edition: those who mainly use cloning such as constructs.
  • Genomics Edition: those who need comparative genome analysis.
  • Array Edition: If you need expression analysis.
  • Design Suite: for gene cluster design (Coming soon · scheduled to be integrated with array version) IMC has already been used by more than 1,300 researchers all over the world.

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