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IMC YD1001 New Dongle LDK is not recognized on MacOS


  • New dongle LDK is not recognized, License Setting Dialog is displayed, and IMC cannot be started.

Target IMC Version:

  • IMC Version 8.35

Occurrence OS:

  • macOS


  1. Files required for IMC Install have not been copied to the system area.
  2. The file in the IMC Install Directory does not have read/write permissions.


  1. Copy hasp_darwin_31281.dylib in Mac/Library of IMC Install USB to /var/hasplm. Copying requires administrator privileges.
  2. Give read and write permissions to the file located in Applications/imc/bin.
  • Right-click on user.propeties in Finder and select "Get Info".
  • Change the three permissions in "Sharing & Permissions" at the bottom of the info dialog to read/write. to change
  • Unlock the bottom.