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IMCV845: IMC Version 8.45 is released.

The latest version 8.45 of IMC has been released.

Feature Key and Qualifier information Updated

  • Feature Keys and Qualifiers data in system area have been updated. However, Feature Key/Qualifier data in option.dat currently in use in user area  is not automatically updated.
  • It is updated by overwriting option.dat in user area/data with option.dat in data of IMC install directory.
  • However, in this case, information such as Feature Key and Qualifier that have already been set by the user will be reset at the same time.

Bug fixes

  • Among the menus that can be executed by right-clicking the CDS feature on the reference genome region (Multiple Genome Viewer), Copy N.A, could not be copied correctly when the CDS was complement, but this has been fixed.