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IMC E03C Search Sequence Pattern from Intergenic Region

Searching the base sequence pattern from the intergenic region.


  1. Search only the intergenic region with the nucleotide sequence pattern.
  2. Select the genomic sequence that is loaded into the current main directory.
  3. It is also possible to select more than one genomes.
  4. The genome sequences highlighted in blue and red is selected.
  5. Among them, the genome sequence highlighted in red is displayed in the main current feature map.
  6. Click "Search -> Pattern Search" from the menu.
  7. The "Pattern Search" dialog will be displayed.
  8. Check the registered pattern (multiple selection possible).
  9. If a sequence pattern is not registered, you can also paste a sequence pattern from the clipboard into the "Pattern" text area.
  10. Turn on "Intergenic Region" of "Range" radio button.
  11. Click "Run".
  12. The pattern search is started.
  13. A progress message is displayed during the search.
  14. When the search is completed, the "Pattern Match Sites" dialog will be displayed.
  15. In the upper pane, the list of genome sequences to be searched is displayed.
  16. When multiple genome sequences are searched at the same time, a list of those genomic sequences and the number of patterns searched are displayed.
  17. Click on one of the search genomes in the upper pane.
  18. The main feature map will replace the feature map of the selected genome.
  19. The left pane displays the number of matched patterns for each pattern found in the selected genomic sequence.
  20. Check the pattern check box in the left pane (multiple selections possible).
  21. All pattern positions found in the list in the right pane are displayed.
  22. Clicking on one row in the right pane moves the feature map to that position and also displays the matched base sequence in color.

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