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IMC D2A7 Join Many Contig Sequences into One GenBank Sequence


  1. Select File-> Other Saving-> Save in Join Format from the menu.
  2. IMC732 H120 0042
  3. The Save File Setting dialog is displayed.
  4. IMC732 H120 0043
  5. In the Input field, turn on Sequence File.
  6. Click Ref ... on the right and specify the gbk file you want to edit.
  7. Specify the output destination file name with full path in the Output field.
    • (You can also click Ref ... and set from the file selection dialog.)
  8. In the Option field, turn on N Count.
    • The numerical value should be about 100 to 1000
  9. When you click Save, all contigs will be inserted as one GenBank Format File with N bases of the number specified above inserted between them.

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