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IMC V03A12 Change Java Memory Size (Another Method)

Normally there is no need for operation.

(For Windows)

Edit the shortcut on the desktop.

  1. Right-click the shortcut such as IMC / GT displayed on the desktop.
  2. The "Properties" screen for those softwares will be displayed, so click the "Shortcuts" tab.
  3. The contents of the link destination are as follows (depending on the installed directory, the displayed contents may differ slightly).
  4. C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ javaw.exe -Xmx256m -jar "C: \ Program Files \ isb \ imc \ bin \ ImcLauncher.jar"
  5. Make the number (256) immediately after "javaw.exe" above empty both sides.
  6. And correct the amount of physical memory that the PC has, as shown in the following "red part".
  7. After changing, click the OK button to complete.

32bit Windows can only use up to 1408MB. If you try to set a memory size that exceeds this, IMC will not start. Please set it to 1400 MB or less. However, this has a slightly different upper limit depending on the PC model.

(For Mac OS X)

Edit the following file to increase memory

  1. This file needs to be edited with administrator privileges
  2. Change the numerical value of the place where memory of this file is set.
  3. This line is -X mx 1000 m. If this number is 1024 m, you can use up to 1024 MB of Java memory.

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