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ISB YD0002 Dongle LED Not Lit Even If Driver Installed

On Mac OS X, the LED of the dongle may not be lit even though the latest version of dongle driver is installed.

For MacOSX High Sierra, reading of the kernel extension may be blocked.

If this applies to your case, it may be resolved by doing the following.


  1. Remove the dongle from the Mac.
  2. Uninstall dongle driver (
  3. Restart the Mac.
  4. Install dongle driver (SentinelSystemDriver.pkg)
  5. If the message "Extension of function has been blocked" is displayed during installation, click "OK".
  6. The message "Installation is completed" is displayed.
  7. Click "Restart".
  8. The Mac will restart.
  9. Insert a dongle on your Mac.
  10. Launch "System Preferences" and click "Security and Privacy".
  11. Click the "General" tab. The message "The loading of some system software has been blocked" is displayed.
  12. This message will be displayed for a certain period of time after installation.
  13. Check the developer and click "Permit".

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