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YJ0015: Loading old format file of GenBank or EMBL will never exit


  • When loading a GenBank / EMBL format file that created earlier, but it keeps waiting and does not exit.


  1. Forces the IMC to exit.
  2. Reboot the IMC.
  3. From the menu, click Tools -> File Checker.
  4. File Checker starts and the Open GenBank / EMBL File dialog is displayed.
  5. Click "Read File" from the menu.
  6. The file selection dialog is displayed.
  7. Select the file that could not be loaded. ..
  8. Click Open to start the file check.
  9. If there were any errors, the File Check Results dialog will appear.
  10. The error will be corrected automatically.
  11. In addition, a file list may be displayed on the main screen of FileChecker,
  12. Click this to check the file.