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IMC T07A Expand Multiple GenBank File (GBFF) into Taxonomy Tree

Extract the GBFF file consisting of many single GanBank format files into a tree-like directory according to the Taxonomy description of each GenBank file and place it in IMC so that it can be handled easily.


The sequence data of GenBank and RefSeq are compiled into a large compressed file at each release time.

Each entry consists of a header file (*. Gbff) and an array part (* fna). In order to make a single GenBank file, it is necessary to combine these two kinds of files.

GenBank File Expander decompresses these files of GenBank and RefSeq, synthesizes them, and unfolds them as a phylogenetic tree-like directory in an arbitrary place.

If you specify this expanded directory as IMC's root directory, it can be displayed and loaded in IMC's directory tree.


Click "Tools -> Multiple GenBank File Expander" from the menu.


The "Expand Setting" dialog is displayed.

Multiple GenBank Format File: Specify the GBFF file (full path) in the text field.

fna File: Specify the fna file (full path) corresponding to the text field.

Specify the directory name (full path) of the expansion destination in Expand Directory :.

Click Run.

A confirmation message "Start Expand?" Is displayed.

Click "Yes".

Deployment is executed, and a progress message is displayed during execution.

When execution is completed, each single entry is stored under the specified directory.