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IMC F07A SCF/ABI Load and View Capillary Sequencer File ABI/SCF

Load output files from multiple SCF or ABI format capillary sequencers into the main feature map, activate the trace waveform viewer (Chart Viewer), and display the respective trace waveforms.


Make the main directory to load the trace waveform file to the current directory.

Drag and drop multiple SCF files there. It is also possible to load using the regular menu (File -> Load Sequence File) or the Toolbox button.

These sequences are loaded into the main current directory.

Select multiple loaded sequences.

Select View -> Trace Chart ... from the menu. Alternatively, click the Trace Chart button from Toolbox.

The Chart Viewer is launched and the Chart Viewer window with the waveform of the selected SCF file rendered is displayed.

The Chart Viewer can also be launched from the Trace Mapping Result dialog.

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