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GT W852 Toolbox Tab Pane

In the Toolbox tab pane, you can set display / non-display of the tool icon displayed in the tool box of the GT main window.

The Toolbox tab pane displays a list of tool icons, and each tool has a checkbox.

The checked tool will be displayed in the toolbox.

Toolbox list

Checkbox: When checked, this tool will be displayed on Toolbox.

Tool icon: The icon set in the tool. non-editable.

Line field: Indicate the display stages on the tool box. non-editable.

Order field: Indicates the display order on the tool box. non-editable.

Menu field: Indicates the main menu to which the tool belongs. non-editable.

Function field: Describes the function of the tool. non-editable.


Select All button: Click to check all check boxes.

Reverse Selected button: Click to uncheck the currently checked check box, and check the unchecked check box.


"Set" button: Applies the changed parameters.

"Cancel" button: Cancel without applying the changed parameters.

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