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IMC L01B Create Blast Search Databases

A database for local BLAST search can be generated from the obtained base sequence file or amino acid sequence file.

Usable base sequence formats: GenBank (.gb, .gbk, gbff), EMBL (.embl), FastN (.fna)

Usable amino acid sequence formats: GenPept (.gpff), FastA (.faa)


  • From the menu click File -> Create Blast DB.

  • The Blast DB List operation dialog is displayed.

  • Click Add Amino Acid DB ....

  • The Blast DB Setting dialog box is displayed.
  • Amino Acid File (s): Click Ref ... on the right side of the column to specify the file to create the database. It is also possible to specify multiple files simultaneously.
  • The selected file will be displayed in the pull-down menu.
  • DB name: In the input field, specify an arbitrary database.
  • You can select either local or server storage location for the database. In order to create the database, you need to confirm in advance whether there is free space.
  • The default storage location is C: \ Users \ User \ imc_xx \ data \ db on Windows.

  • When you click "Run", an execution confirmation message "Create Amino Acid DB?" Is displayed.

  • Click [Yes (Y)] to start the database generation.

  • A progress message is displayed during execution.
  • If you click "Cancel" during execution, the execution will be interrupted and the database will not be created and will be terminated.
  • When generation is completed, a completion message "Completed !!" is displayed.

  • Click "OK" to close the completion message and display the database you have created in the Blast DB List dialog.

  • This completes the creation of the database for Blast search.

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