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IMC G1C External Annotation Server Setting Description

Description of the external server settings tab pane

Configure the Linux server installed externally.

It is mainly used for automatic annotation.

Hostname: Sets the external server name.

User: Sets the login user name to the external server.

Password: Set the login password to the external server.

Timeout (sec): Set the waiting time until response

Connection Test ...: Performs a connection test to an external server.

NCBI blast Path: Set the path to NCBI Blast

Blast DB Directory: Set the directory where the Blast database is stored

Metagene Annotator Path: Prokaryotic gene prediction software

Set path to Metagene Annotator

AUGUSTUS Path: Eukaryotic gene prediction software

Set path to AUGUSTUS execution

AUGUSTUS Config Path: Sets the path to AUGUSTUS config

tRNAScan Path: Set the path to tRNA prediction software tRNAScan-SE.

RNAmmer Path: Sets the path to rRNA prediction software rRNA mmer.

Memory Size for Annotation (MB): Specify the memory size to be assigned to the annotation.

Apply: Apply the setting.

Close: Closes the setting dialog without applying the setting.

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