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IMC Version 7.32 is released.

# 2331 Resolved an issue where labels could not be displayed when editing a qualifier from the search results window.

Condition before correction: In the previous version, when editing and updating a qualifier from the search results dialog etc., the same qualifier is added without being overwritten. Because of this, it was not possible to display the added Qualifier.

With this modification, the updated Qualifier is overwritten and can be displayed on a label etc.

# 2330 COG21014.

It is possible to execute homology search and annotation using COG 2014 as a reference database.

# 2327 Save in Multiple Format File default save directory changed

Status before modification: In the previous version, the default save directory for "Save in Multiple Format files" was the main current directory, so it was automatically expanded upon save.

In this fix, another directory is specified and it is not automatically expanded.

# 2318 The bug of External Server Setting has been resolved

The problem with External Server Setting has been resolved because the communication related library is old.

# 2293 The method of launching the amino acid profile setting dialog has been improved

Condition before correction: Setting of amino acid profile was able to be executed only from Feature Setting menu.

Starting from Ver. 7.32, the setting dialog can be called from the amino acid profile dialog.