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IMC 118 Launch IMC using Floating License

In the floating license, in order to activate the IMC, it is necessary to plug the device called the dongle into the USB socket before confirming that the LED is lit.

Launching IMC in a floating license

  1. Plug the dongle into the USB socket.
  2. Make sure that the LED of the dongle is lit.
  3. If the LED does not light up, the driver for the dongle is not installed, or its version may be old. Please download the latest dongle driver (Sentinel Hardware Key driver) from in silico biology company's download site and install it.
  4. Avoid using the dongle via USB HUB as much as possible. There is a problem that the dongle is destroyed via some manufacturer's USB HUB.
  5. Double click on the IMC desktop icon.
  6. The IMC startup screen is displayed.


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