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IMC 193 Forced Termination of IMC (Windows)

This operation is valid only on Windows.

How to forcibly terminate IMC at trouble When IMC software starts processing for some reason, it stops responding.

If you use this termination method, files that are not being saved during editing will return to the initial state, so please stop forcibly after seeing how long the software is really inoperable.


  1. Simultaneously press the three keys (Ctrl, Alt, Del) on the keyboard.
  2. After a while, the Windows Task Manager will be displayed, so forcibly terminate the IMC software using this Windows Task Manager.
  3. Click the Process tab, select Java Platform SE binary from the displayed task list, and click the End Task button at the bottom.
  4. After a while the software is forcibly terminated.
  5. At this time, a dialog will be displayed, so if you really want to quit, click the exit button immediately to complete the forced termination.
  6. Clicking Cancel will leave the state as it is.
  7. Confirm that the software has ended, and click on X in the upper right of Windows Task Manager to exit Windows Task Manager.

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