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IMC i02P2 Insert Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sequence between Primer Sequence

Insert restriction enzyme recognition sequence at spcified position of primer sequence


Edit the primer for which you want to insert the restriction enzyme recognition sequence.

Click "Primer Registration" from the menu.

The "Primer List" dialog will be displayed.

Check to the primer to be edited.

Click the "Add Enzyme Site into the Primer" button.

The "Set Insert Position" dialog is displayed, and the sequence of the primer is displayed.

Place the cursor at the position of the restriction enzyme recognition sequence insertion position of the displayed primer sequence and click the "Set" button.

The "Enzyme Selection" dialog is displayed.

Select one restriction enzyme and click the "Add Enzyme Site" button.

The "Add Enzyme Site?" confirmation message is displayed.

Click "Yes".

A restriction enzyme recognition sequnce is inserted with lower case letters at the designated part of the Primer to be edited in "Primer List".

Primer sequences written in lowercase letters are not subject to priming complementarity check.

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