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IMC_012: View Feature Map using Sample Data

  • When IMC is started for the first time, the dialog "Install Sample Files?" Is displayed. Click "Yes (y)" to install the sample data. If you do not need sample data, such as when you are familiar with IMC usage, click "No (N)".
  • When the installation of the sample data is completed, the IMC main window opens and the first sample is loaded as the current array. If nothing is displayed on the map, click one array node (dot icon) with a dot mark under the directory (file icon) with the green C mark in the left main directory tree The map of that array will then be displayed. If you click on the array node of the tree that is not the current node, the dialog "Change Current Directory?" Is displayed. If you click "Yes (Y)", the node immediately above the end node becomes the current node, and the array node is the current It becomes an array file.
  • The main feature map shows the contents of the current array file.
  • If there is no directory with the green C mark, the menu is displayed when you right-click the mouse on any directory, and if you select "Change Current Directory", that node becomes the current directory. Clicking on the array node under that node will display the array of that node in the main feature map.
  • To move the map, use the red and blue arrow buttons on the left and right sides of the map or the vertical scroll bar at the top of the map. You can move the map by clicking or dragging. In the case where the entire map is displayed, it may not move. To zoom, click the + or - button on the magnifying glass in the tool box.
  • There are many other moving methods, but here we will only use the basic operation above.
  • If only one directory is displayed in the main directory tree, installation of sample data has failed. Since the coping method differs depending on the situation, please see the forum etc. and check the coping method. You can post questions on the forum.

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