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IMC B2B Lane Types

There are the following types of lanes which are elements that make up the feature map.

Feature lane: You can draw features on this lane and perform features and genome sequencing on lanes.

Content · Profile lane: Lane showing GC content, profile such as skew etc

Expression Profile Lane: Lane displaying gene expression profile. (Array Edition)

Restriction enzyme map lane: This is the lane displaying the restriction enzyme map of the specified restriction enzyme.

Sequence lane: The lane for displaying the amino acid sequence for the nucleotide sequence and coding region of the loaded genome.

LGRM lane: A lane that compares the sequences of two closely related species.

Frame lane: By displaying the stop codon, it highlights the region where stop codon does not exist, and is a convenient lane for visual identification of the gene.

Navigation lane: A lane for navigating the entire loaded genome sequence against the background that the specified feature key is distributed throughout.

Scale lane: This is a lane for displaying the base sequence and map scale. Each scroll button is attached. Each lane can be displayed independently.

Scroll Bahrain: A lane for placing the handle of the scroll bar.

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