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IMC C61B Labels on Features

  • A label can be displayed for each feature on the feature lane.
  • Label information is transcribed from the qualifier specified for each feature.
  • You can limit the number of characters displayed on the


Label display settings are divided into several stages.

Feature Setting Dialog

  1. The items that can be set in Feature Setting are as follows.
  2. IMC732 H120 0052
  3. Turn on / off the flag that displays the label constantly
  4. Choosing a qualifier to use for labels
  5. Font size of characters used for labels
  6. Maximum number of label display characters
  7. Decimation method when labels are displayed densely
  8. Select {Settings}-> Feature Setting-> Feature Map tab from the menu.
  9. The Feature Map Tab pane appears.
  10. Check the features that you want to display permanently (to show the label even if the label display button is off).
  11. Select the qualifier to use from the pull-down menu.
  12. Select the font size to use for the label from the Font Size bull-down menu.
  13. Enter the maximum number of label display characters and the integer value in Max Visible Length of Label. Enter 0 for unlimited.
  14. Turn on Thin Out if you want to thin out labels if they appear densely.
  15. Turn on Shift to display each label staggered.
  16. When Normal is turned on, all labels are displayed in an overlapping manner.
  17. Click "Apply".

Switching label display on / off

  1. Click the LB button from the toolbox buttons.
  2. Because it is a toggle button, it switches on and off each time you click it.
  3. If you turn this off, the labels for features that have the permanently visible flag turned on will still be displayed.
  4. If you want to display a label only for a specific feature in a feature key, right-click on the feature to launch the Description Window.
  5. IMC732 H120 0053
  6. Check "/label=" Qualifier in the Description Window and click "Apply".
  7. Thereafter, the label for this feature will be displayed even if the permanent display flag is off.

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