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IMC B2K1 Register CDS Candidate from Frame Lane

  • CDS candidates can be registered as new features from the stop lane stop absence region of the frame lane.
  • This is not a CDS prediction function.



  1. We display the feature lane and frame lane in the main feature map.
  2. Right-click on the stop lane stop codon absent area (orange area in the above figure) in the frame lane.
  3. The description window will be displayed.
  4. Click "Apply".
  5. The CDS corresponding to the selected area is newly registered.
  6. If CDS display is set in the feature lane, it will be displayed as follows.
  7. Register CDS candidates consisting of multiple exons in eukaryotic organisms.
  8. Display the frame lane in the main feature map.
  9. Click from the first exon candidate to the region immediately before the last exon.
  10. Right click on the final exon candidate.
  11. A menu will be displayed and click on "Save as a (new) Feature".
  12. The description window will be displayed.
  13. Position information of the number of areas specified for Location is set.
  14. Click "Apply".
  15. A multi-exon CDS will be displayed on the feature lane.
  16. It is also possible to draw for each frame to which each exon belongs.

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