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IMC Ver. 7.43 is released

#2368 EC Number category added

  • Top Level Category Digit did not have 7, but was added this time.

#2365 Improvement of IMC Version information

  • The legacy IMC Version Info has been integrated into About IMC.

#2363 Change Codon bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug that could not change codon correctly for Type II S restriction enzyme.
  • The Change Codon dialog has been improved.
  • Change Codon now supports IMC Codon Usage files.

#2362 Changed specifications of Copy Sequence and Feature function

  • In Copy Sequence and Feature, the specification changed to misc_feature is deleted, and the Feature Key is not changed.

#2361 Improvement of Reference Genome Map

  • It is now possible to obtain the base sequence and amino acid sequence from each feature of Reference Genome Map.