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IMC C72A Export and Save Features in CSV Format File

Save the feature in CSV format.

All features within a certain sequence range with any feature key are output as CSV files.


  1. Select File -> Export -> Export Feature (CSV) ... from the menu.
  2. The "Features & Range Settings" dialog is displayed.
  3. Check the feature key (multiple specifications possible) to be output.
  4. Click "Select All" to check all feature keys.
  5. Set the target base sequence range to "From", "To".
  6. By default, the entire target sequence is loaded.
  7. When saving with a base sequence, check "Output Sequence".
  8. When checking the "source" feature key, most are features over the entire sequence, so if you save it with a base sequence, the file size will increase.
  9. Click "Run". "Save CSV File" Chooser will be displayed.
  10. Specify the directory and file name to output, and click "Save". De
  11. "-Ex" is appended to the original array file name for the save file name of the fault.
  12. The CSV file is saved.
  13. Confirm the save file.
  14. Open the saved file in Excel.
  15. The CSV file is displayed.

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