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IMC W33A Amino Acid Profile's Motif List Setting Dialog

At the top of the amino acid profile viewer, the amino acid sequence is displayed but you can display in highlight color the amino acid sequence motifs detected in it.

Amino Acid Profile (s) The Motif List setting dialog registers and manages the motifs displayed there.

An amino acid sequence motif can be registered in the list.

Each line of the list consists of the following items.

Check box: Checked items will be processed by operation buttons at the bottom.

Name field: The name of the amino acid sequence motif.

Pattern field: Alignment pattern of amino acid sequence motif is described by regular expression.

Color field: Displays the amino acid sequence in the color specified here if the motif is detected on the amino acid sequence lane at the top of the amino acid profile viewer.

Select All button: Click to check all Qualifiers.

Reverse Selected button: When clicked, the checked qualifiers are unchecked and checked for unqualified Qualifiers.

Add ... button: Displays a dialog to add a new motif.

Edit ... button: Displays the edit dialog for editing the selected motif.

Delete button: Deletes the selected motif (multiple processing possible)

Close button: Close Amino Acid Profile's Motif List.