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IMC E03D Search Amino Acid Pattern on CDS of Genome

Register the amino acid sequence pattern to be searched in advance or copy it to the clipboard.

Search the amino acid sequence on all CDS on the feature map with the amino acid pattern copied to the clipboard.


  1. Click the “Pattern Search” button.
  2. The “Pattern Search” Window is displayed.
  3. Paste the amino acid sequence with "Ctrl-V" from the clipboard into the "Pattern" field.
  4. Check “CDS” in the “Range” field.
  5. Click the “Search” button.
  6. The search starts and a progress message is displayed during the search.
  7. When the search is complete, the “Pattern Match Sites” window is displayed.
  8. The number of matched patterns for each pattern is displayed on the left side.
  9. Check the pattern on the left.
  10. All the pattern positions actually found are displayed in the list on the right.
  11. When you click on one row, the feature map will immediately show its position, and the matched amino acid sequence will also be distinguished by color.

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