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IMC F02 Sequence Viewer


  • Sequence Viewer is a viewer that displays the amino acid sequence of the base sequence and amino acid translation region of any part of the current genome.

IMC791 2410 0001

Display items

  • Genome base sequence in the specified range
  • Its complementary strand base sequence
  • Its amino acid sequence in the CDS region
  • Scale (front or Side)

How to Launch Sequence Viewer

  1. Click Window-> Sequence Viewer from the menu.
  2. Alternatively, click the Sequence Viewer iconnuc2 on the toolbox.

IMC791 2410 0002

How to change the display range:

  1. Enter the base position directly in the From and To fields at the top and click the Redraw button.

How to show / hide complementary strands:

  1. Check the Show Complement checkbox.

How to display the amino acid sequence of the CDS region on the forward chain:

  1. Check the Show Amino Acid on Plus Strand checkbox.
  2. Amino acid sequence display method for the CDS region on the complementary strand:
  3. Check the Show Amino Acid on Minus Strand checkbox.
  4. A horizontal line is displayed between the forward and complementary strands.

How to display the base sequence scale:

  1. Check the Show Scale check box.

How to switch between absolute scale and relative scale:

  1. For the base scale, you can select an absolute scale with the first base of the current genome as 1, and a relative scale with the first base of the region displayed in the Sequence Viewer as 1.
  2. For absolute tick marks, turn on the Absolue radio button.
  3. For relative tick marks, turn on the Relative radio button.

How to switch the scale display position:

  1. To display the tick marks at the top of the sequence, turn on the Above radio button.
  2. Select the Side radio button to display the tick marks on the sides of each row of the sequence. In this case, a blank is displayed every 10 bases in the base sequence. 

How to change the number of bases displayed in one line:

  1. Enter the number of bases in one line directly in the input field of Base per Line (50-100) and click the Redraw button.

How to Print Sequence:

IMC791 2410 0003

  1. The displayed base sequence can be printed or saved in a file by the following method.
  2. Click the Print button to print directly to your default printer.
  3. Click the PDF button to save it as a PDF file.
  4. You can save it as a PNG file by clicking the PNG button.
  5. You can save it as an EMF file by clicking the EMF button.

How to Change Print Settings:

  1. Set the output method to the default printer.
  2. This setting depends on the printer specifications set as the default.