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IMC O06D Run Global Genome Rearrangement Map

To execute this function, one genome sequence to be compared is loaded into the current genome sequence.

Also, load multiple related species genome sequences to be compared to the current reference genome map.

The Global Genome Rearrangement Map (GGRM) can be launched from a menu or toolbox.


  1. Select the menu "Genome Analysis-> Compare-> Global Genome Rearrangement Map ...". Or click the LinkMap button.
  2.  IMC732 H120 0006
  3. The genome selection dialog is displayed, and the current reference genome sequence is displayed in the list.
  4.  IMC732 H120 0001
  5. Check the genome to be compared (multiple selections are possible).
  6.  IMC732 H120 0002
  7. Select whether to compare nucleic acids or amino acids.
  8. Click RUN.
  9. An execution confirmation message is displayed.
  10.  IMC732 H120 0003
  11. Click “Yes”.
  12. If you want to set the execution parameters in detail, click the Show Parameter and set it on the parameter setting screen displayed.
  13.  IMC732 H120 0004
  14. Use the scroll buttons, zoom buttons, and resize to move and enlarge.
  15. Execution starts.
  16. During execution, a progress message is displayed.
  17.  IMC732 H120 0005
  18. Execution time is proportional to genome size and number of genes.
  19. When execution is completed, the result display window is displayed.
  20. IMC732 H120 0007
  21. Use the scroll buttons, zoom buttons, and resize to move and enlarge.
  22. IMC732 H120 0008
  23. IMC732 H120 0009