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IMC A Covenient Way to Widely Use the Workbench

The size of the workbench is limited.

The IMC makes it possible to use narrow windows widely, using the following functions.

Dock and undock function

Main feature maps and multiple linear (reference) genome maps are usually tiled on the workbench. Each boundary or directory tree boundary may be dragged to enlarge either, but there is a limit.

You can undock the main feature map and multiple linear genome map that are contained in the workbench and display it as an independent window. If you further resize it, you can see a big feature map.

Lane moment hidden icon

In the main feature map, various functional lanes are lined up vertically. For this reason, for displays with a small vertical screen size, it is necessary to move up and down repeatedly with vertical scroll.

You can browse the genome efficiently by setting the lane that you see frequently to the "visible" lane and the lane that you do not see much to the "invisible" lane. You can toggle between visible and invisible lanes by clicking the eyeball icon for each lane.

Lane movement function

Let's move the main feature map using the lane moving function of the feature layout, the lane that you see often is at the top, and the lane that you do not see often goes to the bottom.

Toolbox hidden button

By clicking the eyeball button in the upper left corner of the toolbox, the toolbox is minimized and you can use the main feature map etc. widely. When you click on the eyeball with closed eyes, the toolbox will be displayed again.

Tool box removal

The toolbox can be removed from the main window and placed anywhere on the display.

Extended multi display

If you have a PC or Mac that has two or more external outputs, let's extend the usable visible space by making it multi display.

If you have a Bsub 15 terminal and an HDMI terminal on a notebook PC, you can attach two displays to the outside.

Furthermore, if you have an iPad, you can use the Duet Display of the iPad application, you can use a total of four displays including a built-in display on a laptop.

Vertical display

Vertical display is popular among users of IMC. It is particularly effective for browsing expression analysis results in array version.

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