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IMC B3F Overviews and Functions of Sequence Lane

  • In the sequence lane, the base of the currently loaded base sequence file and the amino acid sequence if it is the coding region are displayed for each strand.
  • An array lane can be placed anywhere in the feature map. You can place more than one array lane on one feature map if necessary.
  • Four bases and 20 amino acids can be displayed individually in different colors.
  • Changing the drawing color and font size is done in the Sequence Lane tab pane of feature setting.
  • You can change which position of amino acid 1 character code is placed in codon.
  • You can not change the font type.
  • In the amino acid coding region, candidates for start and stop codon can be displayed.
  • On the sequence lane, it is possible to delete, substitute, insert the base sequence.
  • You can select a base range on the base sequence and register that area as a feature.
  • Similarly, you can register those areas as PCR primers.
  • The selected area can also be registered as an array pattern.
  • You can copy the base sequence of the selected area to the clipboard. Alternatively, you can copy the reverse complementary strand sequence.

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