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IMC B3 Lane

B3A Basic Operation of Lanes

  • B3A1 Change Lane Height
  • B3A2 Change Relative Position of Lanes
  • B3A3 Visible/Invisible Setting of Lane
  • B3A4 Add / Edit / Delete Lane

B3B Feature Lane

  • B3B1 Base Position Indicator
  • B3B2 FLS Settings
  • B3B5 Left-button-click of Feature
  • B3B6 Right-button-clicks on the feature
  • B3B8 Feature Tooltip

B3C Content Profile

  • B3C0 Sliding Window
  • B3C1 Add New / Edit / Delete Content Profile
  • B3C2 Change of Maximum / Minimum / Median Value
  • B3C3 Change Resolution.
  • B3C4 Change Profile Color
  • B3C5 Visualize Content
  • B3C6 Visualize Skew
  • B3C7 Cumulative Skew
  • B3C8 Import Arbitrary Numerical Sequence
  • B3C9 Display Fickett Algorithm

B3D Tiling Array Profile

  • B3D1 Type of Data
  • B3D2 Settings of FLS
  • B3D3 Strand Assignment / Overlay
  • B3D4 Drawing Scale Settings
  • B3D5 Logarithm View
  • B3D6 Array Expression File Assignment
  • B3D7 Inter-Array Arithmetic
  • B3D8 Data Correction
  • B3D9 Graph Drawing Settings

B3E Retriction Enzyme Map

B3F Sequence Lane

  • B3F01 Base Position Display
  • B3F02 Selection / Release Selection of Sequence
  • B3F03 Sequence Registration as Feature
  • B3F04 Sequence Registration as Primer
  • B3F05 Copy and Paste of Sequence
  • B3F06 Sequence Registration as Pattern
  • B3F07 Delete Sequence
  • B3F08 Replace Sequence by Other Sequence
  • B2F09 Insert Arbitrary Sequence
  • B3F10 Feature Assignment on Sequence
  • B3F11 Amino Acid sequence View
  • B3F12 One Character Code Change
  • B3F13 Change of Font Color of Sequence
  • B3F14 Display of Start-Stop Codon Candidates
  • B3F15 Change Font Size
  • B3F16 Display of Stop Codon Absence Region and Amino Acids
  • B3F17 Homology Arm Design


B3H Frame Lane (Stop2StopLane)

B3I Navigation Lane

B3M Other Lanes

  • B3M1 Sequence Scale Lane
  • B3M2 The map drawing scale lane
  • B3M3 Scrollbar Lane

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