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IMC C14 IMC Original Qualifiers

In IMC, when loading GenBank, EMBL, DDBJ format genome sequence files, we have set up our own Qualifier.

These unique Qualifilers are mainly used for IMC control.

Therefore, when using the array in the IMC has ended, you can eliminate your own Qualifier when providing these array files externally.

Users can not register their own qualifiers.

Qualifiers set up independently by IMC are as follows.

  • / 3D_Structure =: Stores a link to a three-dimensional structure file
  • / alignment =: Records alignment data directly
  • / annotation_grade =: Specify the annotation phase (category)
  • / blast =: Blast Stores search results
  • / blast_hit =: Blast Stores search results
  • / classification =: Function classification code is stored
  • / codon =: Store the codon before substitution
  • / color =: Specify the color to draw the feature
  • / copy_qualifier =: Indicates that it is a duplicated feature
  • / delete =: Deletes the specified timestamp of the specified feature
  • / endtype =: Record the end shape of the array
  • / featuremap =: Records the settings to display on the feature map
  • / genomemap =: Record settings to display on the circular genome map
  • / insertion_seq = Record that it is an insertion array
  • / journal =: Log the link to the journal
  • / label =: Record the label string to be added to the feature
  • / migap_code =: Microbial genome automatic annotation system Stores MiGAP code
  • / new =: Record the registration time stamp of the newly registered feature
  • / probe_copy =: Record duplicated probe features
  • / update =: Record timestamp when feature is updated

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