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IMC F05D4 Add New Circular Lane on Circular Genome Map

  • Add concentric lanes to the circular genome map.
  • Any number of concentric lanes can be added to one circular genome map.
  • However, because the width of the concentric lanes is fixed, adding a large number of concentric lanes requires increasing the diameter of the circular genome map.


  1. Open the circular genome map viewer.
  2. Click Add
  3. The Circular Lane Setting Dialog is displayed.
  4. If multiple genome sequences are loaded, select the genome to be drawn from the File Name field.
  5. As an example, add a lane to display rRNA.
  6. Check the Feature radio button.
  7. Select rRNA from the pull-down menu.
  8. Click Set.
  9. The new Circular Lane settings will be registered in the left column.
  10. Click Draw.
  11. The added concentric lanes are displayed on the circular genome map.