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IMC F05A Basic Operations of Drawing Circular Genome Map

This section describes the basic operations for drawing a circular genome map.

Basic operation flow

  • Load the entire genome sequence to draw a circular genome map into the main current directory.
  • At this time, the sequence to be read is preferably an annotated base sequence such as GenBank / EMBL.
  • Forces circular drawing even if the annotation is not Circular.
  • A circular genome map of only the base sequence can be drawn, but no features are displayed.

Rough steps of the operation

  1. Click "Window-> Circular Genome Map…" from the menu or click the Circular Genome Map button on the button toolbox.
  2. A confirmation message "Show Circular Genome Map?" Is displayed.
  3. Click "Yes (Y)"
  4. The circular genome map drawing dialog is displayed.
  5. In this state, the default circular genome map may already be drawn and displayed in the preview panel.
  6. If the circular genome map is not drawn automatically, select one layout style from Genome Map Layout Style and click the Set button.
  7. The display of the Circular Lane List changes.
  8. Click the "Show" button at the bottom of the dialog.
  9. A circular genome map of the genome is drawn in the selected layout style.
  10. Execute printing using the print-related buttons at the bottom of the dialog.
  11. A circular genome map is output to the default printer or a file in the selected image format.

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