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IMC F05C Register Current Design as New Circular Layout Style

Because the circular genome map consists of multiple Circular Lanes, it is not very efficient to draw a circular genome map by registering the lane once every time.

The circular genome map also has the similar function as the feature layout style of the main feature map.

By registering a circular layout style in advance, you can draw a circular genome map with the same style for any circular genome from next time.


  1. You can operate with the Circular Genome Map dialog displayed.
  2. Save the current state as a new circular genome layout style.
  3. Click Save the Style ....
  4. The input dialog for feature layout style name is displayed.
  5. Enter an arbitrary style name.
  6. Click "Set".
  7. The current style is registered as a new layout style.
  8. The circular map layout style is saved even when you exit IMC.


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