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IMC 021 Make Reverse Complement of Genome Sequence in a Moment


The current sequence can be easily switched to reverse complement display. For the base sequence, Complement of the last base becomes the first base, and the display position of each feature is also reversed all the way.

When saved as a file in this state, the base sequence is recorded in reverse complementary strand, all the positions of all the features are converted to the position from the end of the sequence and rewritten to belong to the opposite strand.


The current sequence is the target.

  1. From the menu, select Genome Design -> Reverse Complement.
  2. If there is a check in the submenu, this indicates that the reverse complementary strand is already displayed from the original sequence.
  3. The whole is reverse complementary strand display.
  4. When saved in this state or saved under a different name, the saved file is written in reverse complementary strand.
  5. If you do the same operation again, it returns to the original.

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