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IMC S411 Execute OGAB Fragmentation Designer

To rebuild the designed gene cluster, fragment the cluster optimally.

After each fragment is chemically synthesized, each fragment is reconstituted by OGAB method to prepare a long chain DNA cluster.

Implementation Edition

This function is implemented in the following edition.




  1. Select Genome Design -> OGAB Fragment Design from the menu.
  2. The "OGAB Method" execution dialog is displayed.
  3. Drop the designed cluster sequence file in the drop area or click on the drop area to display the file selection dialog and select the cluster sequence file.
  4. GenBank / EMBL format, FastA format cluster sequence can be specified.
  5. Multiple sequences can be specified.
  6. Click "Run".
  7. The fragment design is executed and a progress message is displayed during execution.
  8. When execution is completed, the "OGAB Fragmentation Result" dialog will be displayed.
  9. In the result dialog, a tab pane is generated for each cluster sequence to be executed, and you can display each result pane by clicking the tab.
  10. For details on how to operate the "OGAB Fragmentation Result" dialog, please click here.

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