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IMC Ver. 7.12 Released

  1. Bug # 2188: A bug in which values ​​larger than N are displayed when displaying feature position information that cross N, 1 has been resolved.
  2. Bug # 2189: The menus displayed by the right click of the specified range may be different may be solved.
  3. Spec # 2187: The function to search the optimal primer which amplifies the specified range from already registered primer was added.
  4. Spec # 2190: A function to replace CDS so that it is not disconnected by a specific restriction enzyme has been added.
    • Based on the specified codon frequency table, codons to be replaced are selected with high frequency of use.
    • The substituted codon is saved in Qualifier / modified_base =.
  5. Spec # 2186: Changed that LGRM automatically saves Multiple CSV file output.
    • In the past, a dialog was displayed at the end of the analysis and asked whether to save it or not.
    • After correction this time, it asked whether to save before execution, it was changed so that it will be automatically saved according to the specification at the time of execution, and finished.

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