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IMC B2DA05 Design Homology Arm for Selected Region of Feature Lane

Design a homology arm with the selected region on the feature lane as the homologous recombination region.

Design primers for PCR amplification of both side homology arms from the genome.


  1. Right-click on the selection area on the feature lane (this will be the homologous recombination area). The menu will be displayed.
  2. Click "Homology Arm Design".
  3. 「Homology Arm Design」実行ダイアログが表示されます。
  4. Enter the arm's base length directly in the "Arm Length" input field.
  5. Click "Start Design".
  6. Execution is started and a "Wait!" Progress message is displayed.
  7. When execution is completed, the "Primer Design List" dialog will be displayed.
  8. Click the 5 'line.
  9. The area of "5 'Homology Arm" to be amplified using the primer is displayed.
  10. Click the 3 'line.
  11. The region of "3 'Homology Arm" which is amplified using the primer is displayed.

After this operation

PCR amplified homology arms are loaded into the main current directory or the reference current directory as genetic parts.

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