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IMC B2DA04 Search Primers that Amplify Selected Area

If a primer group capable of amplifying a selected region has already been registered, you can search registered primer from that selected region.


  1. Select the region in which the priming site of the primer is registered in the vicinity.
  2. Right-click on the selection area.
  3. The menu will be displayed.
  4. Click "Search Optimal Primers ...".
  5. A "Search Optimal Primers?" Confirmation message is displayed.
  6. Click "Yes (Y)".
  7. The search is executed.
  8. A progress message is displayed during execution.
  9. When the search is completed, the "Priming Site" dialog will be displayed.
  10. If a primer with a priming site is not registered in the vicinity, the following message will be displayed.
  11. Check the forward primer and reverse primer one by one from the primer list of "Priming Site" dialog.
  12. The checked Primer appears in the list on the right.
  13. If you check each, the priming site will be displayed on the feature scale lane.
  14. For checked primer sets, PCR amplification, registration as a new feature, gel electrophoresis, saving as CSV, FastA file, etc. are possible.

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