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IMC E00J Set Classification Code to Hit Features from Search Result Dialog

Set Classification value from various search result dialogs.

For example, from the keyword search result list, there is a function to set one value collectively in "Qualifier / classification" field for hit features.

By default, Classification code partially conforms to COG code and has function color classification function, so by using this function, each feature of the circular genome map and genome map can be displayed color by function.

The Qualifier "/ classification =" was set by IMC independently for feature classification of features.

A search that allows you to set values ​​all at once in Classification

Classification values ​​can be set all together in the following search function.


(For example, use keyword search, you can operate Feature Key search and Statistics in the same way)

Specify the keyword (multiple selection possible) and the search target feature key (multiple selection possible), execute keyword search.

Load the annotated genomic sequence to be searched into the main current directory and display it in the feature map.

Click "Search -> Keyword Search ..." from the menu.

The keyword search dialog is displayed. As an example, check the CDS feature and AND the "transcription factor" as a keyword.

Click "Run".

The keyword search is executed and the "Keyword Search Result" window is displayed.

Check the feature you want to set a value for "/ classification =".

Click "Sequential Number Setting ...".

The "Sequential Number Setting" dialog will be displayed.

Select "classification" from the "Qualifier" pull-down menu.

In the "Prefix" input field, enter the character string (usually COG code) to be set to "/ classification =".

Regarding the registered Classification Code, please click here.

In this case "TR" was entered.

Click the "Run" button.

The setting is executed.

When execution is completed, a "Completed!" Confirmation message will be displayed.

Click "OK".

The confirmation message closes.

The character string set to "/ classification =" of all specified features is set.

Setting confirmation method

The confirmation method as a result of the above operation has the following functions.

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