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IMC B2D Feature Lane: Functions and Settings

In the feature lane, registered features can be drawn with various shapes and placed.

Also, Qualifier information representing attributes as attributes can be represented as labels.

You can display any number of feature lanes at the same time in the main feature map.

You can display multiple feature keys in each feature lane and you can apply different designs.

You can design a complex feature map combining these.



The design of each feature lane is done from "Feature Lane Style" design dialog.

If there are multiple feature lanes, display them in the "Layout Style" design dialog.

You can save the designed layout, including other lanes, with a name.

We use "Feature Layou Style Setting" dialog to manage these.


Various operations are possible on the feature lane.

Functions can be categorized into three types: functions to be executed on each feature, functions to be executed on the selected area, and functions to be executed on the feature lane.

For functions to be executed on the feature, select the menu displayed by mouse right click on the feature.

Drag the mouse over the feature lane to select the function to be executed on the selected area.

Right-click on that area and the menu will be displayed.

The contents from the menu from the feature and the menu from the selection area slightly change.

With the mouse right click on the feature lane, the following operations are possible.

Use the "Feature Setting" dialog to set the feature shape, display color and label.

Various settings are possible in this dialog, but you can set the feature lane relation from the following pane.

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