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IMC Ver. 7.11 is released

  1. Bug # 2178: Fixed a bug that mismatch list of LGR Map stays open even if cancellation of current sequence specification is canceled.
  2. Bug # 2180: Fixed a bug that sequence names can not be copied or current folder can not be moved if directory names similar to the same hierarchy are created.
    • For example, if c: \ seq is the root directory and a directory called E. coli and E. col. O 157 is created under it, you can not copy the sequence from E. coli to E. coli O157 by drag & drop.
    • E. coli.O 157 can not be the current directory after making E. coli the current directory.
  3. Spec # 2174: The ability to display the matching bases with Main reference genome in LGRM Multiple CSV file output has been added.