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IMC E04H Register Hit as New Feature

  • If there is a homology search hit on the array on the main feature map with the query on the reference side, you can register that hit area as a new feature.


  1. Load a genome sequence that is not yet annotated into the main feature map.
  2. Load an array annotated in the closely related genome of the genome on the main feature map in the current reference directory.
  3. Right click on one feature on the reference map. The menu will be displayed.
  5. Click "Show Homology N.A." Click "Show Homology N.A."
  6. A "Start Homology Search?" Confirmation message is displayed.
  8. Click "Yes (Y)".
  9. A search is executed and a progress message is displayed during execution.
  10. When the search is completed, a completion message "Completed!" Is displayed and the Blast search result dialog is displayed.
  11. If you click on the hit entry on the main feature map here, the homology region on the main feature map is inverted.
  12. Check the check box in this row and click "Insert New Feature".
  13. The "Select Feature Key" dialog is displayed.
  14. Select the Feature Key of the new feature from the pull-down menu in the Feature Key field.
  15. Click "Run".
  16. When registration is completed, a completion message "Completed !!" is displayed.
  17. A new feature is registered in the homology area on the main feature map.

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