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IMC B2C1 Change Feature Layout Style

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  • Toggle the feature layout style of the currently referenced sequence.
  • The FLS (feature layout style) function can be applied to arbitrary sequences by registering it with a name to the layout style of the feature map.
    • Also, you can register styles you normally use as default styles at the time of sequence loading.
  • Feature layout style This is a function added from IMC Version 4.
    • Also, the layout currently displayed in the feature map can be changed to any layout. The change result can also be registered as a new feature layout style and applied to another sequence.
  • Implementation: IMC Version 4.0.10
  • You can select the list of styles from the Layout field under the Toolbox in the main window and change the layout of the currently displayed feature map to the selected style.


  1. It is assumed that the feature map is displayed.
  2. Click the mark at the right end of the Layout field under the toolbox.
    • The currently registered FLS will be displayed as a pull-down menu.
  3. Select the FLS you want to change and click.
    • A confirmation message will be displayed.
    • The layout of the feature map is changed to the style of the selected FLS.

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